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  • K-ble Jungle – ( Kブル ジャングル) on tour!

    Behind the K-ble Jungle, a new band in the J-Pop and J-Rock music panorama, there are two artists who have come a long way on the European stages of the Japan-themed festivals. Even though the name "K-ble Jungle" has been decided recently, many of you may already be familiar with the names of ERIKO and DJ Shiru. It had both traditions dating back thousands of years, as well as the very latest fashions and technology.

    erikoThe K-ble Jungle perform a show made of harmony and rhythm, dance and drama, flashy costumes and videos, all around Europe, in Japan and elsewhere; but, besides for the special effects, their show is mostly made of beautiful songs! The new pieces include Murasaki no Uta, a rhythmic electronic piece, and a perfect J-Pop example in Charming Girl; obviously the show wouldn't be complete without the duo's classics like Akai Uta and Alive, which have become theme songs of TV shows in Italy. As well as their classic songs, there are some traditional Japanese pieces and, of course, the best-loved anime covers, often in remix versions, almost unrecognizable. So, there are three aspects belonging to this duo: from the truly pop one to the traditional one, and the dark side, represented by the songs written by DJ Shiru, a darker kind of music that shows up every now and then. DJ and singer started their music career as a duo in 2012, with the "ERIKO + DJ Shiru LIVE!" tour, when they performed in the main Italian festivals, but also in Japan, Switzerland and France. In Japan they worked with the Japanese group of traditional music Za Goninbayashi, and with them they registered a remixed version of their classic Murasaki no Uta. Their shows are varied and surprising both for songs and for collaborations: in the 2013 tour they performed with the koto player Miho Yamaji in Italy and Switzerland, and with the shamisen player Ohno Keisho. It is indeed during these concerts that they show us their most traditional side, as well as ERIKO's extraordinary vocal skills. Some other times the show is completely pop, with cosplay outfits and anisong covers taking the centre of the stage.. Besides the activities in the recording studio and live, the K-ble Jungle are also very active in television: ERIKO presents a weekly Japanese language course on Neko TV channel, while DJ Shiru hosts the KJ Show, a kind of "container" program where he describes and talks about Japanese artists, especially rock groups and musicians. Together with the association Ochacaffè, they take us inside the festivals, events, concerts and shows with the third TV programme: the KJ on the Road, where they interview artists, make fashion show videos, comment on the concerts…